Track - How do shoppers navigate your store?


intellitrack - shopper trackingTrack is an advanced video-based shopper tracking system that helps retail professionals understand where customers go in a store, including the typical paths they take and how long they dwell in certain areas.

Shopper paths can be monitored within specific zones and shopper engagement (dwell and stop times) can be measured by product category. The technology also provides a better understanding of the layout of the store, revealing whether it is easily navigable or if there are any choke points or areas not visited at all.

Key features

  • Understand how customers navigate the store
  • Determine hot and cold spots in the store and develop best practice store layout and design practices
  • Assess how product engagement varies by area of the store
  • Calculate average time in store and at touchpoints throughout the store
  • Measure number of interactions, product purchases and conversion rates
  • Compare various categories and products between key brands
  • Evaluate layout and product adjacencies
  • Review in-store advertising & POP impact
  • Measure individual display or location effectiveness
  • Appraise service levels / wait times
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Combine with Count, View and VisitorTrends for the complete picture of your shoppers in-store

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