Simplified work flow and track task progress in one place. Efficiency is the key for goal achievement.

Feature Modules

ThinkSpots is a cloud IoT platform that provides features commonly required in space (spots) in retail/facility, including digital screen management,
out of stock management, and access control management.


Schedule & monitor patrol activities

Incidents Report

Report incidents & real-time monitoring

Task Management

Assign tasks to specific team/person

Permits Management

Manage access permits granted to external parties


schedule daily route tasks

Easy Patrol Scheduling

Create security guard patrol schedule templates and simply apply the template to generate a regular patrol activity. Drag and drop to assign staff to a patrol path, or assign ad-hoc checkpoints to them.

Security Guard Patrol Monitoring

Monitor the path that the security guard have to follow during patrol and their work process. Get alerts if there’s late/ missed checkpoints.

Convenient Check-in/out

Scan NFC tags/ QR codes placed on the location with mobile device. The check-in/out time stamp will be recorded automatically, and allows team leaders to track working hours.

Fast Incident Reporting

Report incidents simply through the app with mobile device. And, log evidence at the scene, take pictures, or upload other related information in the incident ticket.

Real-time Monitoring and Alerts

Know what is happening at every stage of the incident and throughout the investigation process. Automated notifications/alerts will be sent to authorized people for follow up.

Ready-to-go Reports

Get rid of traditional paper/ excel reports which may required manual data input or typesetting. Our system automatically generates reports with custom format or different types of charts according to the real-time data.


Report issues / emergency cases


assign tasks to specific team / person

Create and Assign Tasks

Assign repeating or ad-hoc tasks, and responsible staff will be notified immediately. The task can include detailed descriptions, subtasks, forms, attach images/files and more.

Real-time Execution Updates

Track real-time status of the task in a single place. Get updated with the progress, and review or give feedbacks to the assignee.

Reminders and Notifications

Send push notification reminders to pursue task execution and get real-time updates on tasks completion or overdue alerts.

Digital Permit Management

Manage permits information on the web or app portal. Save all details about the permit and track the door access records online

Approval and Follow up

Teams can check the permit information and determine if the access can be granted. Comments and pictures can be added as follow ups and records.

QR Code Access Pass

Visitors can use the system generated QR code to access the location


manage access permits granted to external parties