ThinkBase Residential

ThinkBase is an all-round digital solution for residential estates. We work with property development and management to transform the living into a full digital experience 

access control

On top on traditional Octopus card control, dynamic QR code and bluetooth are added to resident app to enhance security and requires only the mobile phone

lift control / mailbox locker

Resident can operate the lift from the resident app, get notification when they receive mail, and use the resident app to open their mailbox. All contactless, secured and on mobile


Transform traditional intercom into VoIP, extend it into the resident app and management app. Resident can take call from visitors or management office simply on their phone even when they are not at home.

visitor management

Register visitors through resident app in advance, or through digital kiosk at the entrance of the estate. Combined with intercom to confirm the identify with related residents, and create temporary QR Code access to allowed areas

clubhouse management

Manage facility booking, event/classes booking and processing payment. Allow booking through website and resident app, plus online payment options. Connect to access control system to allow access to selected zones. Smart locker, wrist band and AI for better swimming pool management.

resident and management app

Mobile apps for the resident and management. Resident can access remedies provided by the estate and communicate with the management. The management app allows the estate staff to manage their operation smoothly and communicate better with resident and visitors


NFC/QR code patrol point to replace traditional patrol system. All built on the mobile, scheduling patrol/roster easily and enforce check list for each check point. Incident reporting and follow up plus mobile notification to the manager