Manage frontline teams with ease

Feature Modules


Schedule Roster, Clock IN/OUT using GPS/Bluetooth, Swap Roster, Manage Leave and expenses ​


Manage your operation tasks, provide visibility to all team members, follow up tracking, collect data, images and videos. See status in real time without many emails and chats​


Digital property management, patrol roster, schedule, patrol route checking, incident reporting, task management, alerts and notifications​



Usage of messaging apps is part of modern life now. Mixing up chat groups happens from time to time. Our integrated chat service is contextual, team members can communicate on specific tasks separated from their personal chat and general team chats to avoid mixing up different contents.

While different tasks are processing in parallel, contextual chats can make less clutter. Team members can retract historical conversations quicker and move on to their next action that matters.

Contextual chat keeps all relevant chat records, no chat history will lose when any member leaves the team.


Team update creates a community for everyone to receive corporate updates, product updates, insight, sales techniques. All team member can contribute their ideas on the platform. It is a social media platform within your business.

Updates are interactive and mobile friendly: include uploading images and video clips easily from mobile, make comments and replies similar to most common social community features.

Keeping your team engaged, motivated and inspired.


Sharing documents, pictures, events and schedules with your teams to make sure no member is missed out. Built-in permission mechanism provides a fine control of access right to different information.tasks

Mobile training

Integrate training into work life


You can now transform the traditional operation guides and manuals to digital materials on mobile. Instead of getting monthly employee updates, instant updates in smaller chunks allow employee to quickly pick up of required knowledge. It will save valuable time to train new hires.

Quizzes at the end of our mobile lesson could ensure employees have truly understood the material and allow team leaders to track progress of your teams.

Leader board creates a gamifying experience to your team and motivate habits to keep themselves Up-To-Date.


Unlike traditional static training materials, micro learning provides interactive materials on mobile. Instead of passively reading materials, your employees will go through different forms of practical exercise to make it more interesting and memorable.

Effective training consumes less of employee’s time and skills would be more retaining in order to deliver a better customer experience.