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Retailers that truly understand their store performance measure footfall

Vizualize’s technologies are installed in thousands of locations across 40+ countries on six continents. Our customers consist of global retailers, brand manufacturers, media companies and large shopping mall operators.

Our product development team combines talents from retail, marketing, facilities management, information technology, computer vision systems and business intelligence. This synergistic blend of expertise has enabled Vizualize to design and develop industry leading and cost-effective solutions that provide accurate real time insight into shopper activity in the retail environment.

Our solutions deliver key insight into every element of retail store shopper activity, allowing organizations to make smarter decisions in order to acquire, convert and retain more customers. Our solutions tie together leading-edge sensors, intelligent appliances, software, analytics and reporting solutions to enhance business performance. The result is higher returns on infrastructure, human resource and marketing investments and improved visitor-to-customer conversion rates.

Measuring shopper traffic quantifies the true potential of a store.
Sales data does not necessarily measure the true potential of the business.

For the retailer seeking to analyse customer interest based on store traffic, Count offers insight on parameters that include:
  • traffic to the store
  • return visitors
  • average time in store
  • store conversion rates
Simple to use yet powerful, Count is an omnidirectional people counting system powered by advanced 3D imaging technology. Even in difficult lighting conditions, high-density crowding or elevation variance, Count gets it right. Offered in a cost-effective package that can leverage wireless networks without the need for onsite computers, Count sets up in just minutes, delivering unprecedented accuracy right out of the box.
From entry to exit, Track captures a shopper’s in-store navigational behaviour, measuring parameters such as:
  • typical paths taken
  • ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ spots
  • product interaction times
  • time spent in an aisle or product category
These measures of engagement provide valuable insight on the effectiveness of customer touchpoints. Whether you aim to drive business performance by optimising store layouts, or cut costs by streamlining in-store advertising and point of purchase displays, Track gives you the tools to achieve higher revenues and greater operating efficiency.
Don’t let a surge in customer volume cause you to lose potential sales. Queue accurately monitors the number of people waiting in line, and for how long, feeding real-time data into a dashboard that can be viewed on a computer or handheld device. With Queue’s intuitive data analysis tools, you can:
  • schedule staff based on predicted traffic patterns
  • determine optimal staff-to-shopper ratios
  • set custom alerts on fluctuations in queuing times, allowing for staff to be reallocated
Using advanced facial detection technology, View counts and categorises viewers using discrete sensors, capturing information including:
  • age group and gender
  • emotional response
  • true viewers versus those with the opportunity to see (OTS)
  • absolute position or direction of movement

For retailers and digital signage operators, View provides insight on viewer engagement levels for media, products, window displays and more. It is simple to install and use, making use of IP or analogue cameras to a high degree of accuracy and the appropriate respect for privacy.

View can be combined with Track to measure potential audience exposure during advertising placements, or with StoreMetrics to gauge advertising success by integrating point of sales data.

Touch systematically tracks customer engagement at product displays and fixtures, providing insight on shopper behaviour such as:
  • browsing time
  • ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ spots on the shelf
  • which products are picked up and which are ignored
  • the direction from which shoppers approach
  • how shoppers handle and examine products
With Touch, you can determine which products are driving sales and which attract no attention, making it possible to create a more robust and streamlined customer engagement strategy that is tailored to your needs.


Aggregating data from the Vizualize suite and other business intelligence tools, StoreMetrics determines historical trends and establishes a baseline profile for key performance indicators. This makes it possible to monitor performance on a macro scale and identify the key metrics that drive business performance.

The interactive StoreMetrics dashboard and customisable alerts provide instant notification of exceptions to the baseline metrics, enabling executives and frontline managers to pinpoint the cause and devise appropriate strategies.

Key features of StoreMetrics include:

  • summary reports
  • interactive dashboards and charts
  • trend and exception analyses
  • data collection and integration
  • data warehousing